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How To Connect to Your Spirit Guides

How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides

I do a lot of Readings and one of the questions I get asked the most is "How do I Connect to my Spirit Guides"


I am going to give you some simple tips on how to connect to your own Spirit Guides. 


Now if you would like to know exactly what Spirit Guides are then click HERE to listen to my Podcast that will explain what they are, who they are and how they work for you and around you.


How can you connect to your Spirit Guides?  I have made a Guided Meditation so you can connect to them, meet them and see who they are. You can get that HERE


How do you know when they are with you?  Well they are with you all the time.  They never leave you.  They are your Spiritual Team that will help you stay on your blueprint or "path" in this life on Earth. 




Lots of times your Guides will try to reach you through dreams or during Meditation.  I created a Guided Meditation to help you meet your guides, you can get that by clicking HERE

During this Meditation you can choose which one of your Guides you would like to meet.  There is no set number as to how many Guides each person has.  Some may come and go during your lifetime, but your main Guide will be with you through out your lifetime.


It's ok to do the meditation a few times to get to know your Spirit Guides, sometimes people get nervous, but don't be, they are they to help you at all times.  You can start out easy by meeting your Joy Guide first if that makes you more comfortable, then work your way up to your Master Guide.


If you have a dream that seems more like a "visit" or seems more "vivid" then it is more than likely a visit from a loved one or one of your Guides.  If you feel like the dream was more of a message or a warning, it was probably your Spirit Guides.  They are always trying to find ways to communicate with us, and dreams and meditation seem to be the easiest way for them.


You can Google some of the main items that stood out during your dreams to get their spiritual meaning and try to figure out what the dream meant.  There are lots of different spiritual definitions out there so my best advice is to go with your gut.  When you see it or feel it you will know.  Your spirit always knows truth.




Spirit Guides can also connect with us through numbers.  333 and 444 usually mean they are with you and trying to communicate with you .  If you see a lot of these numbers throughout the day then try to pay attention to your surroundings and try to "listen" the best that you can. 


Check yourself and see how you "feel".  If you are wondering what they are trying to say you can always ask out loud and  usually they will find a way to answer that is easy for you to understand.  There is a document on my website that tell you what certain numbers mean.  You can find that here: Resources



This goes a lot with numbers but can almost be anything in your surroundings.  If you are walking and see lots of rabbits cross your path then it could mean abundance is coming your way, or it could be your Guides telling you to not hurry so fast throughout your day and to slow down and live in the now.


Don't get to caught up in trying to figure out what your Guides are trying to tell you, unless you feel an urgency.  Sometimes it's just Hello or a simple "You've got this". You will know in your gut if it is an important message. Most likely if you think it is, it probably is.  I have found that Spirit will show you the same sign 3 times or give you 3 warnings if it is important. 


If you are wondering what they are trying to tell you, then you can always use Google to see what certain numbers, animals and signs mean. 



Your Spirit Guides can be animals, so of course they will use animals and animal symbols to connect to you.  This is a tricky one, because your passed loved ones like to use animals too, such as butterflies and birds.  My father, who has passed, uses Moose symbols to connect with me.  So I know when I see a Moose it is most likely my dad saying Hi.  But my Guides will use Owls and Buffalo when they want my attention. 


This is something you can kind of decide on your own.  You can ask for your animal Guide to step forward and usually the next 3 days you will see what your animal is 3 or more times.  It's acutally kind of a cool thing to try.  It will also help build your connection to your Guides.



Those are, in my opinion,  the most common ways your Guides will reach out to you.  In some rare instances they could show up as a real person, then suddenly disappear. Those stories are always really sacred and pretty cool. 


Once you start communicating with your Spirit Guides, you will kinda get your own system down.  And remember it doesn't always have to be perfect.  If you can't figure our your Guides name, make a nick name for them. They usually are just so thrilled you are communicating with them, that they don't care.  I will tell you this.  They usually will talk in symbols and interpretation is sometims hard.


Your relationship with your Guides is YOURS.  There are no rules and there is no right or wrong way to communicate with them.  As long as you feel at peace and feel the love, it's always a good thing.

Cari Mugz