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How To Protect Your Energy

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020
5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy

        All of us, at one time or another, is in need of some sort of  energy or aura protection.  This practice is not just for light or spiritual workers.  We all have that “friend” or co-worker who is a little more negative than we can handle and will invade our space from time to time.  Sometimes we even go to large events with lots of people that can often times leave us feeling drained and low on energy.

      I have put together some fast and easy ways you can do every day to help protect your energy and aura.  I actually use all these examples to protect not only me, but my clients, when I do readings.  My general rule is the 6 S’s


Sage, Spray, Stones, Speak/Sound, and Surround.  Here is how they work.



This practice has been around forever.  Using smoke and scent for religious ceremonies has been an element common to many different cultures around the world.  Basically, you can buy sage easily. Here is a link to some on AMAZON .   You light the sage, make sure some windows are open, and direct the smoke in a clockwise manner in your space or home.  Make sure you get all the corners and drawers. It's always good to say things like "only those with the best intentions are allowed here" as you let the smoke linger.



Let’s face it.  Sometimes you just don’t want your house to smell like smoke or “weed” Ha!  I use the Spray technique more than I do the sage. There are very talented people out there who make mists, made of oils and crystals that can also clear space or help protect your energy.  You can find a lot of different kinds.  I have listed my two favorite that I use below. These are easy and fast.

Sage Spirit Spray

McKenzie Flynn




This by far the easiest to do to protect your energy.  Honestly this is as easy as carrying it in your pocket, purse or wearing them as jewelry.  My favorite stones for protection are, Tourmaline, Jet, Amethyst and Obsidian. You can also find these on Amazon, or your local healing store. Each one is linked for you.



This is as easy as just repeating the affirmation “I am safe”.  The trick is, actually believing it.  I usually use visualization with this. I talk a little bit about this in the next tip.  You can also use sound.Tibetan bowls are awesome to use for protection sound, but are also expensive.  You can use simple Apps on your phone to create these amazing sounds. Just search meditation bowl sounds.



Imagine yourself surrounded by a white light (or any color you choose).  Some people imagine glass or a wall surrounding them. You can pretty much visualize whatever you want to surround you and protect you, Angels, Warriors, Glass Walls, Aerosol Spray, even Armor or Clothing, whatever you chose.  Be creative and make it fun.


     These are some fast and easy ways to protect your energy.  A lot of us get busy and sometimes need quick access to protection.  Find which one works best for you and helps you the most, and stick with that one.   Try to make it fun and adventurous so it doesn’t feel like such a task.  I promise you do one of these on a daily basis and you will be able to tell a difference.