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How To Raise Your Vibe

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020
How To Raise Your Vibe 


We have all heard about Vibes and Frequency.  Everthing is energy and everything has a vibration or frequency..






So I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to raise your Vibe on those days you aren't feeling yourself.  If you would like more details on Frequency and Vibration you can listen to my podcast by clicking here




Gratitude is the first and by far the easiest way to raise your vibration.  It is one of the highest frequencies available. My advice is to always keep a gratitude journal every single day.  The little things that you are struggling with, can sometimes turn out to be your biggest blessings. 




Have yo self a dance party!! This is the funnest way I use to raise my Vibration.  I actually jump on a mini trampoline to music in between readings, to get my vibe right and my energy going.  Energy can be stagnant, so make sure you are moving that body around to increase your Vibe. 




Even when it’s cold.  There is just something about the outside air,  cold or hot, that gets your energy and your connections going.  Nature is awesome for connection and just finding some peace. Touching or sitting by a tree works wonders. 




Yep.. Meditation and Breathing go hand in hand.  It calms you, it connects you, it is a quick and easy way to raise your Vibe.  If you find yourself overwhelmed, in a panic, STOP.......put your hand over your stomach or chest and take a deep breath in.  This helps you feel connection, love and gratitude, but mostly brings you back to the NOW.




Carry your favorite crystal in your pocket or in your bra.  The energy it gives off will also help absorb in to yours. It’s kind of a cool trick and can help throughout the day.  And one interesting tidbit… do you know how to recharge crystals?? Put them outside in the sun for a bit.  


There you have it, quick and easy tips to raise your VIBE when you need it.  I know we are all busy and some of us don’t have hours to stay on top of our Vibe so I hope this quick tips are useful and fun for you. 

Also..  Some things that lower your Vibe and you need to watch

Negative thoughts




When you feel yourself or catch yourself going to these places, simply Stop and do the deep breath in and rewind your thoughts.


Hope that helps!! Here is to raising that Spunky Vibe!


Cari Mugz