Spunky Spirit

Spunky Spirit

Hosted by: Cari Mugleston

Cari is a Spiritual and Intuitive Advisor. She helps people connect to Spirit and realize their own spiritual potential. Join her each week as she explores spiritual topics.

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Ep 2 Help! My Child Sees Spirits (Extra things)

Some things I forgot to mention in the first episode.
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Ep 1 Help! My Child Sees Spirits

Does your child see or hear Spirit. In this episode I help you navigate ways to empower your children to know they strong and to help with the fear.
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How Do YOU "Connect" to Spirit(s)

Everybody has a different way they connect to Spirit or their passe loved ones. Tune in to this episode to see how you "hear" Spirits.
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Are you an Empath?

Do you suffer from anxiety or get overwhelmed easy? LIsten to this episode to see if you are an Empath
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What Are Crystals & How Do They Work

In this episode I talk about crystals, how they work, which ones to choose and how to pick the ones that are right for you.
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What Is Frequency & Vibration

Cari talks about what frequency and vibration are and how you can raise yours.
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What Exactly Is A Reading?

Have you wondered what a reading is or what they are like? In this Episode Cari explains what readings are and how to prepare for one.
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What Are Spirit Guides

Ever wonder who and what your Spirit Guides are? Cari gives a brief summary of who they are and how they work.
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