Step Into Your Power Workshop

Workshop for Beginning and Intermediate Mediumship

Mediumship Workshop $150.00

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Step Into Your Power

Step Into Your Power
  • Are you struggling with your own spiritual connection?
  • Do you want to develop your Mediumship & Psychic gifts. 
  • Do you want to tap into your spiritual senses?
  • Do you want to learn how to communicate more clearly with Spirit?
  • Do you want to learn how to trust the information you receive spiritually. 
  • Is your goal to have your own your own spiritual practice?

My name is Cari Mugz, I am a Spiritual Intuitive and a Certified Psychic Medium.  But in the beginning it was hard trying to figure out my gift and what I was supposed to be doing with it. It was hard finding like minded people who knew how to help me, or even knew what I was talking about. So now I want to help you find your place and feel valued with a community of people who understand and help you on your journey. 

i have been doing this work for over 15 years. 

I have spent lots of time and money on training and classes

I have worked professionally as a psychic medium for 12 years

Now i want to help you with your journey

Step Into Your Power $150.00

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What you'll receive in this 5 hour workshop

What you'll receive in this 5 hour workshop
  • Learn the different types of Mediumship.
  • Learn how to develop your senses and receive information.   
  • Learn how to figure out which spiritual communication skill is your dominate. 
  • Learn how to know how to interpret and trust the information you receive.  
  • Learn the different modalities to help you develop your senses. 
  • Complete guide on how to deal with your spiritual growth. 
  • Learn from Cari in person and ask whatever questions you feel you need individually. 
  • Learn how to incorporate this information for your own growth or growth for your practice.   
  • Mediumship Oracle deck and other bonuses to help with your Mediumship and Psychic  Journey.

It's time to Step Into Your Power

  • Understand how Spiritual Communication works. 
  • Trust and Understand your spiritual journey and the information you receive from Spirit.
  • One on One time with Cari to focus on your individual needs. Class size is limited for this reason 
  • Workshop full of like minded people to help on you journey. 
  • Q & A portion of class time for your own personal questions.
  • Oracle Deck Specifically for Mediumship study. 

Mediumship Course $150.00

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