As you all know I went on a Beachbody cruise last week and I seriously had a BLAST. 

But I have to be honest, something happened to me while I was there, something I preach about constantly NOT TO DO!!

I was having fun hanging out with all my awesome Beachbody friends, we dressed up for certain theme nights, we worked out, we hung out on the beach.... while we were doing all these awesome things, lots of pictures were being taken.  At the end of the cruise, when the fun was winding down and I started looking at the pictures I started to notice that I was bigger than most of the other girls.  As some of you know, I have been struggling with losing my last 20 pounds.  I started to COMPARE myself to my fabulous friends.  Then I started comparing not only my size with them, BUT my business building to theirs.  The next thing I knew... I was second guessing myself... wondering if I was good enough.... I was doing the same thing I teach sooo many other women NOT TO DO.

I had to take a HUGE breath and try to remember... this is MY RACE not theirs.  I am learning lessons they have already learned and they are learning lessons I have already learned.  I am comparing my weakness to their strengths.  NO ONE is going to win that race.  I am running a race with them, that they don't even know they are running.  What happens when I do that?  I get distracted, I get off track and sometimes I get so down on myself that I feel like I want to quit.  

So what did I do?  I pulled my head out and realized I need to run my own race. I looked at all my amazing accomplishments this past year.  I CELEBRATED instead of COMPETED.  I am right where I am supposed to be right now.  I am on my own path, and my OWN JOURNEY and I will embrace and LOVE every second of it! 

I decided to get my race horse mask on.... you know, the one that prevents you from seeing the other racers and only lets you focus on what is ahead of you.  

I am only looking forward.. not sideways.  Every step of the journey is important and I don't want to waste part of  it wishing I was or looked like someone else.  I am the same person whether I am a size 14 or a size 4.  My self worth is not measured by the number on the scale... and neither is yours. 

So it's week three of my 21 Days and I have to say I am doing pretty good.  I have missed a couple days of exercise but I still have lost 3 more pounds which makes 10 pounds all together. I do have to say I am pretty excited about it. 

I had lots of people cheer me on and congratulate me, and I also had lots of people give their opinion about my blog and my business. Honestly I am just excited to lose 10 pounds and Iwant to empower others to do the same. 

It is hard when so many people have their own opinion about the things other people do isn't it?  I'd like to think that I am old enough that other's people's opinions don't bother me, but I have to admit, sometimes it still gets to me.  

So how do you let it go?  How do you stop letting people take your power? How do you not get offended of what other people think?

I read a great analogy once that I LOVED.  First ask yourself... Is this person going to be at my funeral when I pass away?  If the answer is no, then what they think of YOU shouldn't make any difference.  If the answer is yes, then ask yourself another question, Does this person pay my bills?  If the answer is again No.. then again their opinion shouldn't matter.  

There is an interesting statistic that I heard from Joel Osteen:

25% of the people you meet are not going to like you.
25% of the people you meet won't like you but could be persuaded to like you.
25% of the people you meet will like you but could be persuaded not to like you.
25%  of the people you meet will like you and stay loyal to you forever. 

What 25% are you going to focus on?

When I first started this business of improving myself and others, I got a lot of people with their opinions. In fact I still do, but I just love them and remember it really has nothing to do with me but in fact has to do with a deep fear they have within themselves. And I just continue to empower and help others, which by far out weighs the negative opinions. Just remember opinions are NOT facts... they are just opinions.  

Don't let the negative people drain you.  You are here to change the world.  DO NOT let the haters stop you.  I for one know you can do it... I for one TOTALLY BELIEVE IN YOU.    

First week down and 7lbs down baby!!!  Ok so this program has got me off my plateau.  For that I am grateful!!  I do great with the exercising it is the portion and Tupperware containers that I struggle with.  As I had suspected, my portions were to big.  This has taught me that even good things need to be in moderation sometimes.  Just because I eat clean doesn’t mean I can have as much as I want. 

I was surprised to learn how much fruit I ate.  A couple handful of grapes really adds up.  I also have insulin resistance so I need to really watch the fruit intake, which is SUPER hard because I am not a veggie fan.

Did I cheat? Yes, once.  I had a bowl of ice cream to celebrate a HUGE goal I had accomplished.  It tasted great but my tummy hated it after.  Note to self: rewards with food aren’t really a reward.

The exercises KICK BUTT!! I was super sore the first week and I LOVE that, to me it’s proof the system works.   

I do get frustrated that the work seems so hard and the results are not as fast as I want, but I just keep moving forward and trust in the process.  I went shopping over the weekend for the cruise and for the first time I felt good about how I looked.  The most important thing is that I am learning to LOVE myself no matter what the outcome. 

So here goes week 2  LET’S DO THIS!! 

So I am going to be honest here.  I have been stuck on a certain weight  for over 8 months.  I work out and eat clean, but I am finding out that just because I eat clean doesn't mean I still get to eat how much I want.  My portions are still a little too big.   

So I started the 21 Day Fix this week.  I figure I have 21 Days until my cruise so I am going to put this workout to the test.   I am on day TWO!  I am sore, but surprisingly I am not hungry at all.  

Let me explain about the 21 Day Fix for a minute.   Of course it’s 21 days long.  21 days of working out 30 minutes EVERY DAY.  There is NO rest day on this program, but there is a Yoga day, which I LOVE!!  21 Days of using color coded Tupperware containers to measure my portions.  Each container is  color coded to help me know what to eat.  For example, I get 3 green containers a day,  what goes in the green containers?  There is a list of veggies and veggie type foods that go in the green container.  My hardest is the YELLOW container.  Guess what goes in the yellow container??  CARBS and I only get 2 a day!!  But I LOVE the purple container.  I get 2 of those a day and they are the fruit container.   It may sound confusing but surprisingly it’s super simple and I love it more that counting calories.

Have I wanted to cheat?  Yes… but I don’t.

Have I wanted to quit?  Not yet, it’s only day 2.

The thing that I love is even when I do want to quit, I remember this…

Seriously Cari… it’s 21 Days YOU CAN DO IT FOR 21 DAYS!!!

I did want to have an extra Banana the first day but I leaked that information to my husband and he told my daughters (tattle tale) and they got control of that real fast… NO CHEATING FOR 21 DAYS MOM!

Which is good right?  I need to practice what I preach!  So here is to an AMAZING 21 Day journey!!


My Why



I don't care who you are or what your dreams are, the only way you can reach those dreams is to stay consistent.  

A lot of times we have a goal or a dream and we get all excited in the beginning.  It is all we think about, dream about and of course work on.  It could be a great business idea, a great workout program... you name it and we are ALL OVER IT!  At first. 

Then the newness wears off and "battle fatigue" sets in.  We get tired, it's not as exciting as it was at first.  This is where a lot of people start to fail.  They start to make excuses, and we let life take over and we don't LOVE it any more.  Here are a few keys to help with "battle fatigue":

1. Start with 3 small steps that you can do every day that will help you reach your goal.  Make sure they are not HUGE and overwhelming.  You've heard of the saying, "You can't swallow an Elephant in one bite" take small bites that you can do EVERY DAY!!

2.  Do those 3 steps every day.  No matter what, rain or shine, hard day or easy day. DO THOSE 3 STEPS.  This is the most IMPORTANT rule.  Keep going every day, not just on Saturdays or Tuesdays, BUT EVERY DAY.  If you don't make the 3 steps HUGE and overwhelming then it should be easy.  Even on days you don't want to.... DO. IT. ANYWAY. 

3.  Measure your progress.  Even if it is as simple as putting a marble in a jar everyday you do those 3 steps.  You need to see and be able to measure your progress.  If you don't then you will eventually quit.  For example, if you are trying a new fitness program, then take before pictures.  You will be amazed at the progress you make when you put the before and after pictures together. If  you don't measure your progress you won't be able to look back and see how far you've come and you will want to give up! Don't let that happen.

Small baby steps every day is the key to get where you want to be.  It doesn't happen over night, but I do promise that if you do the steps listed, you will look back at the beginning and say 

Now go start!!

Cari Mugz is a Life & Wellness Coach. She lives in Idaho with her awesome HUBBY and seven Amazing kids. 

We as women constantly compare ourselves to other women. It's true. We usually learn this at a very young age in our life called "grade school" sad but true.

If you are one of the lucky ones who don't then... well please just email me your secret so I can announce to the world that you really do exist.

Here is a LIST of things of our OWN that we compare with other women...

Our Bodies - Yes... you know it's true girls. Boobs, Butts, Legs, Lips, even down to our eyelashes and toenails. There is not one inch of our bodies that we don't compare with someone else's. So let me ask you? Who set this standard of how our bodies are "supposed to look" Answer that question and I think how you look at yourself will drastically change. Ask yourself... How do I want my body to look? Then ask yourself Why?

If the answer is that YOU want your body that way, then I can handle that, in fact I am all for it and I can help you get there. But if your answer is because someone else want's it that way, well then we need to go back to step one on the confidence building.

Always remember this... Just because "she" is pretty, doesn't make you ugly. You're still pretty, beautiful and most important... YOU. 

Profession - You know the girl at work who has it all together, is confident, knows just what to say to the boss. She always does everything right. The list is endless when it comes to this. She always get's praised and she does:


I am guilty of this. I compare myself to other people in my business all the time.

The truth is, this woman who you are comparing yourself to, is just as terrified as you, and I am sure there is someone else out there that she is striving to be like also.

Mothering - HOLY CRAP! This is by far the craziest comparison. The media has even started to get in on the whole deal and they call it... drum roll please...

"Mommy Wars"

Puuullllleeeaaaasssseeeee. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.

You know the mom's who have spotless houses, their kids are perfect, they looked like they walked out of a Friday Night Family Sitcom. Just so you know... these families don't exist behind closed doors. They only exist in front of people and inside church buildings. Don't be fooled - as soon as they walk in their spotless house, shut the door, they are just like everyone else.

I am only going to say this once...


You know your kids inside and out. It's your call when it comes to your own. I used to always want someone's approval when I mothered my kids. My kids are not like other people's kids, they are each their own person, and sent to ME to deal with, not my neighbor. Now when another mother tries to give me "advice" about how to raise my kids, I just smile because in my head I am thinking...

Karma is COMING your way honey.

Instead of being jealous, let's turn it around and try to admire these women. Then we are not cutting ourselves down, but instead learning how to improve ourselves. You have to remember you are comparing YOUR WEAKNESS to HER STRENGTH. Find a way to make it your strength too. There is not a shortage on success.  There is enough success to go around for everyone. 

Boobs can be bought, confidence can be instilled, and mothering can be an adventure.. But there can only be one YOU.

Just like each star and snowflake, every woman is different. We need to celebrate our differences and only compete with one person... ourselves.  We just need to try to be better tomorrow than we were today.  

So today I want you to celebrate the woman that you are, because we both know she will be better tomorrow! 

If you need Life or Wellness coaching please send me an email at carimugz@gmail.com.  

I have a "friend" on Facebook that posts all of her problems, like this is new right? She is constantly posting dramatic, negative posts and problems daily. I was about ready to BLOCK her  on Facebook... then some one posted on her wall.

Stop just surviving life, and start living life.

I thought this was brilliant. BRILLIANT. I. SAY.

I have another friend on Facebook who is going through a MAJOR life change. She has become somewhat disabled, changing her life dramatically and she is always posting positive, hopeful posts about her fight for life and her condition.

She... is THRIVING

How many of us are just getting by just trying to survive the day? I know I have been guilty of this many times in my life. Especially during my divorce. My kids joke constantly that I was on "Auto Pilot" back then. I just tried to survive each second of each hour everyday.

I want to give some tips on how to not just survive your life, but THRIVE IT.

Let's get out of Survival Mode and into Thrival Mode...

1. Be a Thankful - I know sometimes it seems like there is nothing under the sun right now to be thankful for. Find it anyway. I remember some days I was just thankful I had $1.00 to buy a diet coke. There is always something to be thankful for so find it.

2. Be a Funny  - Try to find something funny or try to be that funny person to someone else. There is something about laughter that is so healing.

3. Shine - Whatever you do, work or play, throw all your positive energy into it. Give it all you've got, throw your heart into it and the rest will follow. You all know the saying, If you're going to be a street sweeper, be the best darn street sweeper you can be. I know it's hard, sometimes you have no more energy to give, but give it all the positive energy you can muster, it will reward you in the end.

4. Envy - Don't compare yourself to other women or wish you had what they have. This will drag you down faster than you know. You are comparing your WEAKNESS to THEIR strength. It's a no win battle. I remember coming home from a friends when my kids were younger, her house was beautiful, clean, and organized. I walked into my house with four little kids, not cleaned, not organized, NOT beautiful. I sat on the couch and cried. What I failed to remember is that, SURE... she had a beautiful clean house... I had four beautiful, messy kids. I. WIN.

5. See The BIG Picture - As long as I can remember, During struggle I have always said to myself "This is going to work out, it has to" A great mentor of mine, Marie Forleo always says "Everything is always figure-outable." She is absolutely right.

6. Exercise - As much as you may hate it, it really is crucial.  It helps you feel better about yourself and you just feel better! 

7. Eat Healthy - You are what you eat.  Period. What you eat plays a major role in who you feel and how much energy you have.  If you don't believe me, just try one of my 10 Day Clean Eating Challenges and see your yourself. 

There you go. If you at least try to do one of these things daily I promise you your life will be in Thrival mode and not Survival Mode. 
Powerful women THRIVE they don't just SURVIVE.

*If you are feeling like none of these options will help you and you can't get out of your survival mode. I would suggest that maybe you seek help. Depression is nothing to mess with.

Cari Mugleston (Mugz) gives a candid, humorous, yet truthful look at family life, working. fitness and just being helping you to be AWESOME..  Cari helps women physically, spiritually and even financially.  If you have questions. Send her a message at Cari@carimugz.com

Cari is married and has seven children. She resides in Idaho.

What is it that makes people sexy?  Is it really the way we look on the outside... or is it how we feel on the inside.  

Studies show that the sexiest trait about someone is how confident they seem.  So really sex appeal is about confidence.  

How do we gain confidence?  Well it all boils down to how we treat ourselves. Do you make time for exercise each day?  Do you eat healthy?  Do you spend 30 minutes a day on personal development?  I know what your thinking... Who the he&& has time for that?

Well let me ask you another question. If you don't make time for yourself than who will?  Your kids?  Your spouse?  If they do then congratulations you are one of a few lucky women.  

You don't have to start all at once.  Take one day at a time and take baby steps.  Work out your first 2 weeks, then start adding a healthy diet, then gradually add 30 minutes a day just working on your personal development by listening or reading books that you learn from. 

Baby steps and one day at a time are key. This helps you not to get overwhelmed.  I promise if you do these 3 things, you will see a major improvement in your quality of life.... 

Stay Strong & Sexy

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