I want to talk about FEAR today.  

We all have felt it, we all have experienced it.  It can paralyze you.  It can drop you to your knees,  It can stop you in your tracks.  It can stop you from moving forward.  

So how can something that isn't real  FEEL SO REAL?  

Now... let me just say.. there is a difference between DANGER and FEAR.  Danger is VERY REAL. We try daily to keep ourselves out of dangerous situations.  BUT FEAR is not real.. here is why.

Fear is Your imagination.  You picture outcomes or scenarios in your head and you stress and worry about them, when in reality.... they MAY NOT EVEN HAPPEN... did you get that?  Fear is usually you making up stuff in your head.. that MAY NOT EVEN HAPPEN.  

Fear is not of God or anything good.  Fear is our own selves blocking our selves with a WHAT IF??

What if I fail?
What if people make fun of me?
What will people think of me?
What if I don't win?

Well.... What then... you will still live... you will just be stronger and have enough courage to try again.  Facing your fear is the most accelerating experience you will ever have.  Better than any drug out there.  AND you will gain confidence, even if you fail, because you know you tried. 

FEAR is DUMB... and the craziest thing is we bring it on ourselves. 

My kids always will say to me 

"Mom I am scared"

And I will always say back to them

" I know sweety, life can be scary... but that's when we DO IT SCARED"

So my challenge for you today is... take that one thing you have always been scared to try... and 


There are going to be times in your life when you need to be your own hero. 

Those times are...

When you graduate from high school
When you have your first child
When you don't think you can take ONE. MORE. STEP.

There are a lot of times when you can receive help, borrow someone's light, ask for advice, vent to whoever will listen.... but in the end... it is up to YOU.  

YOU have to take those first steps.  YOU have decide how it's all going to go down.  

You can have leaders, you can have coaches, you can have people you admire.  But in the end YOU do the work.  YOU  and you alone hold the magic to change. You hold the keys to YOUR dreams.  
The best thing is... I know YOU can do it. 


I tell my girls all the time.. All it takes is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust... Here's the key 

Pixie Dust = ACTION 

In my profession I see so many women who want change so badly... but they depend on me or their spouse, or friend to find it for them hold their hand every step of the way.  They can only hold your hand for a little bit... then the rest is up to you

You are your own hero.  

And isn't that the idea... for someone to lead you to finding your own power within you

Yes.. I know it can be scary.  I know there can be failure.  

It's ok.  

Things happen the way they do for a reason.  Just take that first step.  Decide today that YOU hold the keys to your own life. 

Make the decision today to be your own Hero.  


Want more ideas on how to be your own hero.  Download my FREE EBOOK on Achieving Balanc here.

I just went to my first BeachBody Summit Convention and I just have to say... It was life changing.  The focus theme was NEVER GIVE UP.  

There was a lot of talk about failure and how you NEED failure to succeed.  There really is no success with out failure.  The problem is... when people fail... they end up quitting.  They do this because they don't understand the process of success.  Success NEEDS failure to happen to get to where you need to be.

Some people forget that.  They fail, they get embarrassed, discouraged and then they quit.  What you don't realize is... success is right around the corner.  You just have to have Faith. 

I have a friend who has been trying to get pregnant for years.  

She has been to Dr's, took all the tests, tried all the treatments.... Finally she was told that she would never be able to conceive.  She cried, she got angry.... she failed multiple times.  But she wasn't ready to give up.  

She opted in a foster program, she still wanted to mother and nurture children even if they weren't her own.  If she couldn't have her own to mother.. she would help others.  Time after time she was turned down because she worked full time and they wanted someone who could stay home with the children she fostered.  She cried, she got angry and she ALMOST gave up. 

She learned at this convention that you NEVER GIVE UP... EVER. She knew God had a plan for her. 

She got sick on the flight home, but the sickness never went away even when she got home. Her husband teased her that her "flight" sickness was sure a lot like pregnancy symptoms.  She took the pregnancy test to prove to him that it was the FLU and she wasn't pregnant..... BUT she was wrong...  The test was positive

You can change your strategy... your game plan... but NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS

Don't let failure keep you down, always remember to finally reach success.. you have to have some failure. 

Well I am going to admit it... I have NEVER been to Vegas.  I know!! CRAZY right?? 

Well once when I took the kids to DisneyLand we stopped at a Hotel late at night and never left the Hotel room at all until we left for Disney the next morning.  But I really don't count that! So I am kinda nervous.

I am going to take some Business classes and attending BeachBody Convention, taking a few classes on how to be a better Coach, Person and Leader. There will be TONZ of information!! I absolutely LOVE things like this where I can better myself and help the people around me.

I will also be working out with the TOP Beachbody Coaches and learn the latest on PIYO!  Mostly I do this, because I want to help YOU!  I want to be the best I can be so I can help others BELIEVE in themselves too.  

BUT I AM SCARED.  Going to a new place, new people, it's always so scary.   I am going take the advice I always give my kids..... I will DO IT SCARED

Facing your fears is totally out of your comfort zone.  You have two choices... Face your fears or turn and run.  Which one do you choose?  I'm thinking I am going to hit this baby head on.  

So stay tuned for lots of pics and lots of learning and lots of FUN!! 


So what is PiYo.....  Well it is a cross between Pilates and Yoga and...


Yoga and Pilates is too slow to me.  PiYo is Yoga on steroids!! In fact.. I loved PiYo so much, I became certified in it in Nov. (see pic below) So now I am going to start teaching it! 

It really is AMAZING.  As a runner I have had some back issues, when I started doing PiYo.. it strengthened my core and my back problems disappeared.

It really is my favorite program ever.  In fact, I love it so much that I am doing an online test challenge group devoted entirely to PiYo.  Do you want to take the PiYo Challenge? 

This program will literally define and strengthen your body in ways that you wouldn't believe.  I am starting to use it as a cross training while I train for races this summer. 

I will be in Vegas next week getting all the deets on this program and hopefully working out with the creator of PiYo herself Chalene Johnson.  Space is limited so if you want in my PiYo test group in July apply below.  

I promise YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.    

PiYo Certification

    I am Ready for the PiYo Challenge

When people ask me....

What is the secret to balance?
How do I lose weight?
How do you do it all and not get overwhelmed?

My answer is:

Love Who You Are.... Right Now In This Moment.  


Now I didn't say, "Don't try to improve yourself daily"  I just said 

"Love who you are today as well as who you will become tomorrow."

This is a HARD concept for most women.  Most women think things like:

When I lose 10 lbs.....
When I get this job.....
When I get married... 
When..... When what??



Try it.... all your anxiety will leave. The pressure to be the perfect ______ (fill in the blank)  will be gone. 

It's a magical thing to love yourself the way you are right now. 

Love your extra 10-50lbs
Love your love handles
Love your skinny legs
Love your thin hair
Love YOU

You don't have to be perfect for anyone.  You only have to answer to you and your maker... and I am pretty sure he loves you right now in this moment.  So why don't you?

If other people don't love you for who you are... then you need to ask yourself why those people are allowed to be in your 
"I care what they think" bubble.  

My advice is try to become better every day... BUT Love who you are today.  

This is why I love helping women to do this, to understand this concept. Once you do that... the rest will just fall into place. 

My daughter is graduating tomorrow. Yes, she is the one in the picture.  I have to admit... it is bitter sweet, She is my third, the middle, the one who always kinda got left out...  you know, not the oldest and not the youngest.  

My emotions are a little crazy.  This  is one of those times in your life that you hope you taught them everything.  You hope you didn't screw up somewhere.  You hope you "grew" a good person.  

I was thinking... If I could give her one bit of advice, what would it be?  

Gosh.. there are so many classics.  But I think the one that I would want her to remember is this.  

You can do anything is this world you want to.  
All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage

Yes, I got this quote from the movie We Bought A Zoo and it says so much in just 9 words. 

If you think about it, all of your major life events start with 20 Seconds of Insane Courage.

The decisions that define your life all start with 20 Seconds of Insane Courage. Things like....

Saying yes to a marriage proposal
Deciding to have a family
Realizing at the birth of my first born that there is no turning back.
Speaking at my Dad's funeral
Leaving a 15 year marriage
Going back to work
Being a single mom of 4 kids
Saying yes to a marriage proposal again (this was harder the second time around)
Suddenly being a mom of 7
Starting my own business
Kissing your child good bye as they move out

Believe it or not your life is filled with many "20 Seconds of insane courage" if you don't stand up and have the courage you don't grow you stay "comfortable".  Those 20 Seconds may lead to failure, hurt, change, or happiness but in the end they all will lead to something wonderful.  

So my words to her are this... Brittnie I have no doubt you will be amazing.  And I know you will have those moments of courage you need.  You are so strong and so amazing.  I have no doubt you will have so many 20 Seconds of Insane Courage.  And I hope that I have the privilege of being there for most all of them.  

What are your insane courage moments?  Celebrate them today.  You are where you are right  now in this very moment for a reason.  Enjoy it, Love it and remember... sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage.  :)

Let's go back a few years shall we.... I was young.  I was working my first job in a very "UPPITY" department store at the cosmetic counter.  Ya.. I was cool shiz. (So I thought) 

One day a mother with her very active toddler came to the counter wanting a facial.  I was nice and polite. Then all the sudden all sorts of crazy happened.  The toddler started to throw a temper tantrum.  I was embarrassed, young and naive and also very judgmental.  I didn't even try to help her because I was so shocked. Stupid thoughts started running through my head... things like

"My children will NEVER act that way"

"How can she even bring him into a store like this?"

It's like she could almost read my mind.  Maybe my super judgmental disapproving looks were a hint.  She picked up her child and made a B-line for the door.  But before she left she gave me a triumphant little smirk - you know the one that says 

"Oh Honey.. you just wait"

To this day I almost feel like she put a little curse on me as she left the counter. 

Yes.... I know... I was dumb to make judgments.  BUT wait it gets better.

Fast forward a few years later. 

I am 7 months pregnant and have NOT ONE BUT 2 Toddlers with me.  We are on our way to a Birthday party and we stop at Toys R Us to pick up a gift.  As soon as we hit the doors my two toddlers took off.  I am running (remember I am pregnant) to catch up.  The boy heads to the Batman section as the girl runs to the Barbie section.  I take hold of my daughter's hand and try to direct her to the Batman section with her brother.  She wasn't having any of it.  All the sudden all hell broke lose.  

Before I knew it, she was screaming and kicking as I was dragging her to the section her brother was in.  I let go of her hand because I was going to try to pick her up instead of drag her dead weight across the store.  She laid there kicking and screaming  as if she was being brutally tortured.  I had two options...

1. Leave her there and pretend she wasn't mine.  
2. Pick her up screaming and kicking and hope my son followed me back out to the car.  

By this time an employee of the store came to see what the heck I was doing to this poor child.  As soon as she turned the corner I could see the same disapproving look that I myself had given to a mother not very long ago.  I looked at the employee square in the eyes and said... 

"If you want to help me... then just turn around and walk away."  

To this day I am not sure if she was relieved or scared as she hurried back around the corner pretending she never saw me. 

I picked up my screaming daughter, yelled for my son to follow.  He started to complain and cry.  I went in for the battle.  I started marching straight for him, but then saw the look of "crazy" in my eyes, threw down his toy and followed right behind me to the car.  

I placed both kids in their car seats.  Turned the radio up full blast and cried all the way home.  What is my point?

When you judge others... Karma enjoys her visit back to you. 

All of our lives are crazy like this once in awhile... let's face it.. MOST OF THE TIME.  

It's pretty normal and it in NO WAY means you are a terrible mom.  It just means it was a bad day... not a bad life

This is why I love doing my 30 Day workshops.  So we can laugh about stuff like this and learn how to cope and realize that we are AMAZING mothers, AMAZING wives, but most of all AMAZING women.  

Life can be crazy the secret is how to find balance in the crazy.  

Sometimes in life... well let's be honest.... Most of the time in life we feel STRESSED, Out of balance, or simply put... CRAZY

How can we change this? How do we as women go from Ms Craziness, to Ms Calmness?  I am not going to lie.. it takes practice. Let me explain. 

I like to think of "Balance" as a heard of sheep and you are the Shepard. I know that is absurd.. but stay with me for a sec. Your flock of sheep are NOT always going to be on their best behavior 100% of the time.  The trick is, learning how to round up the sheep before they get completely lost.  

So let's say your life is pretty good... seems to be in balance.  Then some of your sheep in the "Fitness" area start to stray. What tricks do you know to get those sheep back in control?  The most important sheep in the flock are the Fitness, Nutrition, and Spiritual sheep also otherwise known as Mind, Body and Spirit.  All the other sheep can sorta stray without causing to much chaos.  Notice how these are the sheep that feed you?  The sheep that run your oxygen mask.  The sheep you need to take care of before all the other sheep completely reek havoc and freak out and run in all different directions (also known as a breakdown).

Here are a few tips to help you keep your sheep all together to prevent the crazy run away.  

Take a minute to decide which of your "sheep" are Non-Negotiables.  Mine are Fitness, My daily Shake (Shakeology), and my Personal Development (prayer or meditation). I do these things every single day because I know they keep me sane and healthy so I feel good. Even if I can only spare 10 minutes sometimes, I know I need to get them in daily or all my sheep will run like crazy.  

You need to decide what your 3 Non Negotiables are and just know you are going to do them... no excuses.  I promise.. your family will love you more and so will you if you find time to feed your sheep daily. 

Your family is part of that sheep category, and if you don't keep on top of the NON NEGOTIABLE sheep, believe me... your family of sheep will run like crazy to get away from you for awhile. 

So take care of you.  Take time for you.  So you can be a better you for the rest of your sheep.  

If you would like help on how to learn more about how to use some of these daily tools in your life, then join me for one of my 30 Day Finding Balance workshops.  Contact me and I would love to send you more information.

So I know this is going to sound CRAZY WEIRD "butt".... have you ever taken the "BUTT" Fitness test for your bum?  Yes you read that right... for your BOTTOM, BUTT, REAR, BEHIND, CHEEKS, whatever you want to call it.   

Well I had never even heard of it until recently.  The idea is to place a pencil right under your bum cheek.  If it falls then you pass, if your bum has enough "stuff" to hold the pencil you don't pass.

See the demonstration below:

YEP.. I tried it! How could I not? I am willing to bet that every women who comes across this "fit test" is going to try it within 24 hours.  

When I heard about it at work, I went home immediately and proceeded to try it.  My husband was laughing the whole time (and helping I might add).  I told him I was going to video tape my "test" for all of you to see... and post it with this post. Unfortunately he was not going to allow any of that.  

"No way are you in any way going to make a video of your butt and put it on the internet" 

Hmmmm... to bad.

MY Results:


One butt cheek passed and the other one did not.... now I ask you...  HOW does only HALF YOUR BUM pass this test?? How do you only work out ONE butt CHEEK!!  How adorable that must be in my favorite pair of jeans. 

So you all know what I did... I went and bought a BUTT FITNESS program.  You all know I am a BeachBody coach, so what better program then a program from my own business Brazil Buttlift.  

Does it work?  

WELL... I have heard it works your BUTT OFF - haha  I thought that was funny.  I don't know if it does but I am hoping it will at LEAST even my butt up a little.  I mean the torture of walking around with a lopsided butt is simply CRAZY right?? It's not a vain thing... it's more like an OCD thing. -  I will let you know!!  Here is to an even BUTTOCKS.  

Bottoms UP girls. 


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